HubPress: a web application to build static blogs on GitHub Pages.

As Jekyll, Octopress or Awestruct, the goal of HubPress is to build static content on Github Pages.

These tools are really great, but we wanted to provide a tool that is more user-friendly and accessible for the average person. Another reason is because we love the Asciidoc markup and we wanted a way to contribute to its development.

That’s why we made HubPress.

With the usual tools building a blog on Github Pages requires a decent amount of technical knowledge (you need to know git, to install ruby, to learn a build process …​).

To provide a better user experience, we made a web interface based on Asciidoctor with the javascript version.

With HubPress all you need is an internet connection and a GitHub account, that’s it!

HubPress editor

To save or publish a post, just one click is necessary. We focus on accessibility, you just have to focus on writing.

HubPress is :

  • easy to use: no technical skills required

  • free: no subscription, you don’t have to pay rent for a server

  • yours: once HubPress is installed in your repository GitHub, you can live alone if you want.

Please find here attached an "how to" video which shows you the simplicity of publishing your own blog post with HubPress.

Reminder: HubPress is still in its testing stages. So your feedback is more than welcome. If you want to give it a try, you’re welcome to: https://github.com/HubPress/hubpress.io


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