Update: What's new in Version 0.2.0

An updated version of HubPress is now available with the following new features:

New feature: Syntax Highlighting

Most users of HubPress are tech bloggers and find themselves writing many command-line examples in the blog posts they write. Code Highlighting is now implemented in HubPress.

function copyit(theField) {
  var selectedText = document.selection;
  if (selectedText.type == 'Text') {
    var newRange = selectedText.createRange();
    theField.value = newRange.text;

New feature: Alternative Title

If your native language does not use latin characters, you can now specify an alternative title that is used to build the URL of your blog post.

This feature is enabled through a new attribute hp-alt-title:

= テストをしてください
:hp-alt-title: Please test it

The URL format of the post is http://myblog.com/2015/03/15/please-test-it.html and the title in the blog post remains as テストをしてください

New feature: Tags generation

No more 404 on the tags link! Tag page generation is now available. Tags pages are built when you publish a post and the site is re-paginated. It may take a short while for the tag cloud to update on your site.


Our documentation is now available in Chinese and Spanish: thanks to our dedicated community contributors!

You can find all changes in the CHANGELOG

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